Verb. To be subjected to the verbal equivalent of rape live on a high profile national cable television show by an attractive female anchor.
"Did you catch that interview? It was brutal, Campbell Brown tuckered Tucker Bounds again."


CNN's Campbell Brown and Tucker Bounds discussing Sarah Palin's credentials to be Commander and Chief

Fox New's Meagan Kelly and Tucker Bounds discussing Obama's tax plans
by I Heart Tucker Bounds September 15, 2008
Top Definition
exhausted, tired, finished, drained, tuckered out
After that long walk she was all tuckered out.
by aphrael October 04, 2005
To be so pissed your falling over.
"How pissed was I last night?"
"You were falling all over the place ,you were tuckered"
by OTCC'S RD June 01, 2016
When one of your "boys" steals a girl that you were hooking up with that night and acts like a complete douchebag.
Me: Hey man, how was your night?
You: Well it was good until this big o'l fuck came up to me while i was hooking up with a chick and just started talking shit about me so she would go to him.
Me: Awww dude, you just got tuckered!!!
by Mr. Willie October 29, 2013
Word used by MANY people in the U.K to meen tired in a whimsical sort of way. The only place known who do not accept the term is Leighton Buzzard. Here it is know as the variations Tired and Knackered
God that snowball fight really tuckered me out and i overslept
by aajpf November 30, 2010
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