TS = turbo slut

TS usually has a version number after it designating which slut you are referring to. A turbo slut is a slut of a different nature, one who exceeds regular slut status.
Me: TS is a bitch.
Person: Which one?
Me: TS v1.0
by Koinasake November 10, 2005
TS is short for Tay-Sachs.
1. Does he have TS?
2. No, but he does have Sandhoff disease which is a lot worse than TS, because it kills by age 1 usually.
by 1992peter March 26, 2010
A girl who is tiny and Asian. They love to do art things and tackle you down, somewhat like a savage grizzly bear lost in the Switz Alps.
Person: I totally ran into a TS the other day.

Other Person: What happened?

Person: FEAR THE TS!!!
by cori of nj November 19, 2008
A gang on the island of Guam whose goal is to create chaos and destruction for all who stand in their way.The OG's of this crew were originally from T-town (Tamuning) which explains the greatness this group has reached. The gang has become such a movement it has even found sponsors such as; Rob's Sextravaganza and Malagamumu who have helped spread their message of love and peace. They have extended their memberships to all who are willing to give up their soul. They have reached out to people of all ages from elementary school kids to old folks. As a group they have found leaders of such talented grace that have decided to take this revolution to a next level and created such beautiful things like shirts and stickers which you can find on the beautiful island of Guam. There are many members in this group reaching incredible numbers hitting the MILLIONS. We look forward to the incoming military relocation to extend this godly idea to them white boys.
I was walking down the street and those silly TS boys shoot me.

OMG hes part of that group Tamuning Soldiers(TS).
by Tamuning Soldiers July 10, 2008
TS or tee-ess is a abbreviation for the term "talking shit".

The abbreviation first developed in 2008. It was brought upon by a serial TS'er named Tony from Killara High.

TS is now widely used amongst the North Shore towards people that lie or say stuff that is not correct etc

People who TS are usually insecure, gronks or looking for props/respect from other friends or members of the community.

Tony- " Hey I had sex with Alisa yesterday"

Alisa- " No you didn't, that is straight up TS"

Some guy " Dude Ive probably fucked around 15 different girls"

Other Guy " Bro you know thats Ts"

by ddieays March 25, 2009
To speak with a very loud voice
Hark at the TS on that!
by Posh Lion August 03, 2005

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