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A combination of the words trans and dyke to refer to male to female woman who is a lesbian.
She is such a cute tryke
by Toby Hill-Meyer December 30, 2003
A lesbian girl who poses/identifies as a boy to attract straight girls
Everyone thinks Raymond is a boy but she is really a tryke named Jolene
by TrooJam September 19, 2014
a track dyke
Stephanie is a tryke.
by PikeTheDyke September 17, 2012
Something or Someone that is cute.
Omg thats so Tryke!
by 159632 July 10, 2008
Tryke is a term for a rapidly growing species of heterosexual woman who has, either out of curiosity or a lame attempt to get attention, made out with or engaged in sexual contact with another female, but does not consider herself gay or bisexual.

These are typically females who need lots of attention and have daddy issues, fun to to sneak out in the morning.

Their natural habitats include: sororities, frat houses, nightclubs, bars, college campuses, trailer parks, Girls Gone Wild videos, reality tv shows, and pretty much anywhere there is a camera and/or alcohol.
"Every sorority has its trykes."

"At first John was excited when he realized that he married the town tryke, until she realized she was really a dyke and left him."

"Everybody's rode a tryke once or twice, but nobody rides one forever."
by The Marquis de Carabas May 09, 2010
A woman who is a ugly lesbian. The "tr" stands for the word, troll-looking and the "yke" is from the word, dyke.
John: Oh shit dude did you just see that girl, or whatever that was?

Chris: Yeah man. She looked like some nasty tryke.
by itsmandyybitch December 20, 2010
A sexual position. The man enters the woman from behind, while he is wearing roller blades. He holds both of her legs up around his waist, while she holds a wheel-barrel tire out in front of her.
He successfully Tryked Samantha through the living room.
by blueiyis July 10, 2008

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