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Using everything you have aim, texting, phone calls, buying gifts etc. to get a girl's attention which, if done right, will result in some kind of sexual attention from the girl. The harder and better you try the more you are obligated to get from the specific girl. There are 2 certain types of trying:
ex. when a guy tells a girl how he wants to find the girl of his dreams but is not hot enough for any girls and the girl he likes doesn't like him back; this includes the use of smiley's such as :/, :, D:, :( etc.
ex. when a guy uses words that intimidate the girl that he is trying with, he will try to get her to admit that she likes him no matter what it takes mostly by hanging out with her and talking to her a lot over texting. this type of trier is usually the more confident one and he is most likely to get something out of it.
Adrian: Yo Wesley you suck at trying so bad, you always use the sympathy type, your a n00b.
Berries: yea man you really do suck; Adrian is ten times better than you.
Adrian: Yea dawgz, im the master of trying.


Wesley: Yo i have been trying hard with this girl Nicole for like 2 weeks now and we might hang out this weekend.
Adrian: Ow shit the one on your top on myspace?
Wesely: Yeah, why?
Adrian: I've been trying with her for 2 days now and yesterday i boned her.
Wesley: WHAT! how did you do that?
Adrian: I used the cocky trying not the sympathy.
Wesley: Oh no wonder i couldn't get anything.
by Polishadrian May 06, 2008

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