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when playing a game too seriously in which out burst of rage, offensive language and putting people down may occur in which losing the whole concept of having fun in a video game.

fact: when calling someone a "try hard", you yourself is considered a try hard.
xSniperGuy: wow you try hard, keep spraying me cuz thats all you can do
yuh_Madd Br0: why you mad... bro? its just a game. plus you should have stayed behind cover then popping out your head like a dumb @ss

PR0 xClutch: hey Meat hog, quit trying so hard pulling out your pistol and shit; fucken try hard.
M3At H0Gx215: calm your nuts, i ram out of ammo. what you want me to do, just stand there and let you kill me?
by thatoneguynextdoor March 09, 2011

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