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have you heared trush's new track its hot
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by techman986 August 12, 2009
(Ta-ruh-shh) ~ Nottingham origin

Basically a way of saying to someone (truthfully) you think they are very attractive. Usually used on myspace comment pictures to say that the person looks good, but you are not just saying it to get a comment back with the same thing about you.

Trush is simply: In "Truth" you look "Lush"

Thesaurus of Trush: peng fit dan hot beautiful good-looking pretty
Myspace comment: Seriusly yur lookin trush in dis pic babez =]

or: No relli can yu be any mor trush tho? xx

or: Dat girlz taa-rushhhh
#trush #truth #lush #peng #fit
by Baggaz December 22, 2007
true + shit = true shit = trush
Boy 1: "The Red Sox are the best team in the MLB."
Boy 2: "No Way, the Yankees are better!"
Boy 1: "Trush."
#true #shit #word #combination #truesh
by reddy666 May 11, 2011
Half tree half bush. Some large mass of shrubery that is not identifiable either way.
When golfing Derek hit his ball off to the left.

Derek: Oh damn I shanked my ball into that bush.

Charlie: I dont think that is a bush. Perhaps it's a tree.

Derek: Oh yeah that must be a trush.
#bush #tree #shrub #shrubery #trub
by Cannibal Bob July 03, 2010
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