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Drunk; Wasted
By 3am, after 5 bottles of hennessy; I was trushed !
by Kyniziah December 19, 2008
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a more extreme version of trashed, usually the intoxication is derived from, but is not limited to, alcohol, marijuana, or a mixture of the two (dry: drunk and high)

A word that is most commonly used by icons like Scott Mescudi (KiD CuDi) of Cleveland, and Brandon Hughes of Ellensburg.
Brandon: hey cudder, i saw you at the party last night, you looked trashed as all hell!

Cudi: Trashed/ fuck that nigga. i was fuckin Trushed beyond beliefe!

Brandon: that's what's up.
by B23rad August 01, 2011
1). Extreme inebriation caused by excessive indulgence in alcoholic beverages, and/or any intoxicating substances;

2). A habitual drunkard experience;

3). The impairment of one's physical and mental faculties in excess of consuming alcohol.
I was there at a club, on a regular night getting trushed: it's just a whole other level of getting trashed.
by AquaMalko April 10, 2011

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