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(Ta-ruh-shh) ~ Nottingham origin

Basically a way of saying to someone (truthfully) you think they are very attractive. Usually used on myspace comment pictures to say that the person looks good, but you are not just saying it to get a comment back with the same thing about you.

Trush is simply: In "Truth" you look "Lush"

Thesaurus of Trush: peng fit dan hot beautiful good-looking pretty
Myspace comment: Seriusly yur lookin trush in dis pic babez =]

or: No relli can yu be any mor trush tho? xx

or: Dat girlz taa-rushhhh
by Baggaz December 22, 2007
Lemon season is the state of mind more commonly called, "being stoned". If it's lemon season you are smoking weed pretty much all night or day. This expression was made famous in the Roll Deep track, "weed man".
Guy 1: You coming round mine tonight? It's lemon season bro!
by Baggaz January 10, 2009
1) A term to refer to a Male who is gullible is gullicaff, NOT gullible, this is a common misconception.
2) Anyone who is stupid enough to belive the first point really is gullible.
Joe: "I'm not gullible, that's the FEMALE term for gullible, I'm gullicaff cos I'm a man, idiot."
Lewis: "Oh... Well then, you are Gullicaff"
Joe: "You are SOOO gullible!"
by Baggaz May 26, 2007
A teef is an extreme version of a petty thief. If someone "teefs" something they took without consent but it is so little that the victim wouldn't care about the loss.
Guy 1: Where'd you get that pen from man, it's tiny!

Guy 2: I teef'd it from Argos
by Baggaz November 04, 2008
A chav hat where the peak has to be completely flat, otherwise the chav will "Merk" you if you bend it. The sticker of "New Era" is often left on most of them, if not all of them.
Chav 1: Nah mate, check dat flat peak!
Chav 2: Man dats nuthin, I've got an NY one at home.
by Baggaz January 05, 2008

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