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making money, legally
when someone is making money legally, not necessarily a 9 to 5. Im at work trumpin.
by blacktrump November 05, 2006
7 1
The act of bein a trump. A trump is someone who's swagger could have some strong influence from Donald Trump.
Having an excessive amount of cash on hand at all times is a sure sign of one who has had a great deal of trumping in their lifetime.
by mudkipmaphia April 05, 2011
4 2
the act of moving out of somewhere
"we're trumpin pretty hard right now"
by NJLPL May 09, 2009
3 1
1. The feeling you get when you're on your Donald Trump shit.

2. The rich, powerful feeling you get when you've got your swag on and you've money to blow.
I just cashed my check. I'm totally Trumpin'.
by Brodonkadonk April 16, 2011
2 2
the act of placing oneself above another in any manner, for any situation
Perry: Oh my God! He just punked them fools.
Jerry: Damn straight. He trumpin'.
by Cauorek May 23, 2007
1 1