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making money, legally
when someone is making money legally, not necessarily a 9 to 5. Im at work trumpin.
by blacktrump November 05, 2006
The act of bein a trump. A trump is someone who's swagger could have some strong influence from Donald Trump.
Having an excessive amount of cash on hand at all times is a sure sign of one who has had a great deal of trumping in their lifetime.
by mudkipmaphia April 05, 2011
1. The feeling you get when you're on your Donald Trump shit.

2. The rich, powerful feeling you get when you've got your swag on and you've money to blow.
I just cashed my check. I'm totally Trumpin'.
by Brodonkadonk April 16, 2011
the act of placing oneself above another in any manner, for any situation
Perry: Oh my God! He just punked them fools.
Jerry: Damn straight. He trumpin'.
by Cauorek May 23, 2007
To actively talk, post, or share about Donald Trump. It doesn't have to be negative, but if your are quoting and or referencing him it will probably seem that way.
Did you just see what our friends were trumpin about on facebook?
by jrawks May 10, 2016
Talking shit³or being a racist , homophobic ,sexist dick.
Damn ,shut up you're trumpin !
by Campushoe May 01, 2016
When a person talks before fully processing the thought.
"Did you hear Don the other day talkin shit?" "Yeah that dude is trumpin."
by Sususudio_oohooh April 20, 2016
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