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I rumor which was spread, but actually turned out to be true.

rumor + true= trumor
I thought it was just typical gossip when I heard that Kat was pregnant. But I just saw her leaving gynecologist's office. I guess it was a trumor.
by Gil Semple May 02, 2008
A rumor which conveniently becomes true.
"I cant believe you were right about Mark being gay" "I told you, it was a trumor"
by BaronVonWiggles August 06, 2007
A rumor that is true
"Did you the rumor about Sarah blowing Dan?"
"Dude that's not a rumor that's a trumor!"
by Daniel Mcauly October 19, 2013
a true rumor.

a rumor that is true.
Bitch#1: Ew, I totally heard a rumor about you the other day.
Bitch#2: Oh yeah, what now?

B1: That you're a whore and a slut!
B2: That's not a rumor, that's a trumor!

B1: Figures. Bye skank!
B2: Bye harlot, call me!
by nshay August 10, 2009
a rumor that is true.
If you've heard about what's been going around school, well its a trumor.
by Trevmeister January 13, 2009
A Trumor or Trumour (spelling differs between British and American English) that turns out to be true.

Or the basis of a Trumour / Trumor is true
1. The media said Mitch Clarke will leave Brisbane Lions for money

Mitch Clarke left Brisban Lions for money!< Trumor

2. Someone said the punch has been spiked

Michael Apollo just tried some and it was! <Trumour
by MikApOLang July 08, 2012

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