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Any concoction of alcohol used to help tolerate a person, a place, or a situation.
In theory, the more tolerance juice you consume, the less annoyed you will be.

Without tolerance juice the person, place, or situation is quite simply, well, intolerable and you could potentially slip into a rage blackout.

Warning: Excessive consumption of tolerance juice may result in memory loss and/or loss of clothing.
BRO1: 'Hey, let's go check out that new bar across the street.'
BRO2: 'I hear it's not that great.'
BRO1: 'Come on, 5 minutes. Real quick, if it's lame, we'll come back here.'
BRO2: 'Okay, let me just finish my tolerance juice first!'

GIRL1: 'Uh, were you just talking to your ex over there?'
GIRL2: 'Yeah, he came up and started rambling about how he misses me or whatever.'
GIRL1: 'What did you say to him?'
GIRL2: 'Nothing, all I could think of was coming back over here and ordering more tolerance juice so I don't have a rage blackout!'
GIRL1: 'Let's get some shots!!'
by nshay April 22, 2009
1. Sex that is had with an ex months or years after the break-up with both parties acknowledging that it is simply sex and there is not a chance in hell that the couple will be getting back together.

Reunion sex is really good sex in that you wouldn't go there again if the sex wasn't good when you were in the relationship with the ex. It's comfortable, no strings attached sex that should only happen once every 6 months after break-up.

2. Sex with a previous sexual encounter whom you believed or intended to be a one-night stand thus making it a two-night stand or more... aka Reunion Sex.
Guy A:"Hey, what did you do last night?"
Guy B:"Oh, nothing, my ex came over."
Guy A:"You're not getting back together, are you?"
Guy B:"Hell no, we just had some reunion sex, that's all."
Guy A:"Nice!"

Girl A:"Hey girl, I saw you leave the bar last night with that guy. He was hot... did someone have a one-night stand?"
Girl B:"No... I mean we totally hooked up, but it wasn't the first time. We hooked up a few years ago, was definitely in need of some reunion sex."
by nshay April 07, 2009
a true rumor.

a rumor that is true.
Bitch#1: Ew, I totally heard a rumor about you the other day.
Bitch#2: Oh yeah, what now?

B1: That you're a whore and a slut!
B2: That's not a rumor, that's a trumor!

B1: Figures. Bye skank!
B2: Bye harlot, call me!
by nshay August 10, 2009
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