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trading sexual partners
joe and mary are swappers so they invited bill and jane over for sex with each other wife
by 69 July 23, 2003
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A motorcycle rider that has close to no control of his motorcycle whatsoever (typically a dirt bike rider), causing the motorcycle to swap from side to side instead of riding in a straight line. This is predominately due to the riders ability to ride a bike or lack of skill on a motorbike.
Skuzzle-Butt-Sally: Hey Sanka, did you see Billy-Ballbags motocross race on Sunday, he was riding like a bat out of hell!
Sanka: DID I EVER, I was racing him. He's such a swapper, the guy is lucky to finish a race alive, the guy lives off hopes and dreams I'm telling you. He was in front of me at the beginning of the race until he started to get all swirly and started swapping all over the shop, taking up the whole track like a true swapper. Before I knew it, he swapped into me as I was attempting to pass the swapper and knocked me unconscious for a few seconds. I came unconscious to Billy-Bob-Ballbags saying "Hey Sanka, ya dead yet man?". From my recollection, I nodded my head at him whilst I said "Swappers tsk tsk tsk tsk".
by ET PHONES HOME June 24, 2016
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