The act of screwing someone over so badly you may as well have both stolen their home and sh*+ on their chest.
Dave trotted all over my family and I when his law firm evicted us from our home.
by xdetroiter June 11, 2014
And adjective describing a creeper, someone who follows people around, or stalks their facebook page.
This kid is such a Trott
by JHood123 July 07, 2011
the british version of the runs. In britain they do not run , they trott, so it is called the trotts.
person one:oh man, that girls got the runs.
person two: no, that's the trotts. we're in britain remember?
by smarko613 January 11, 2009
(Adj): A way of describing a journey of considerable distance.
Man, the shops are a trott from here
by Aidan Brooks June 04, 2005
The strange gunk that congeals on the shelves of refrigerators that haven't been cleaned in a long ass time
Damn, that Trott is gross
by Hot-for-your-Trott May 02, 2005
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