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This is when you blast a urinal with piss that is not unlike the force of a fire hose or supersoaker. Which consequently turns your piss against you, tossin some sprinkles atcha denims.
A search for a sweet spot might cancel out the deflected pee. Hit them corners up.
Brody: Dude, shake that shit bro, you got some drips. Rick: Nah, it's just that sprayback son.
by Kay-Cee February 18, 2008
Dual hand blasts at one's nipples wielding the left and right thumb and index finger to apply intense pressure to the nipples, as if you were going to pop those nips right off.
To pull, squeeze, wrench, rip, tug, twist, or stomp both nipples. Hard
It also applies to the purple discoloration that occurs on both nipples post attack.
Dude, yesterday Timmy had his funk ass toes all up on my table, so I told him what was up. So the dude gets all bitchy and says, "fuck that shit bra, it's kinda like a shitty little foot rest or something anyway, like a baby table, ya know." So I totally hit that dude with some mega nurps, and threw Timmy to the ground, messin them nips all up.
by Kay-Cee February 18, 2008
A shit that is so monster-like in size, that in the mist of dropping it, it never freakin drops out your ass. In this situation you may find yourself desperately batting away at it with some toilet paper, or wiggling, bouncing, kicking, or jumping around to dispose of such a formidable foe.

This also refers to the person that has to endure such a ridiculously large, endless, serpent-like shit.
The Trooper I had snaking around the toilet this morning wouldn't fucking drop.
by Kay-Cee February 18, 2008

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