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The laugh you do after you troll someone. Trolling someone is making fun of them, hating on them or even just annoying them. Generally the aim is to piss someone off. When you succeed, you are then permitted to say "trololol."
You being a troll + doing it for the lulz = trololol
by thagodfatha July 23, 2011
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A better way of lolling.
Your face makes me trololol.
by RAWRatyou March 11, 2011
The lol after being a troll. How you laugh after you mess with someones head.
#1: baby i want you so bad..
#2: mm i want you too tell me what you wanna do to me
#1: ohh im not sure you cant handle this
#2: tell me baby
#1: i want to..hug you
#2: *embarrassment*
#1: trololol
by thealmightytroller September 10, 2011
Something that people with cyberautism say. usually a sign of defeat at the hands of a troll
troll: that term is used incorrectly and here is my proof

idiot: trololol
by bdrash February 29, 2012
From french language, Trop (too much) plus lol.
-My GF just dumped me for my step-bro.

-Trololol, what a fail!
by SomethingRandom88 August 24, 2011
To laugh while calling someone a troll.
Hey, Tony, you are such a troll! Trololol!
by Staple Machine March 15, 2011
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