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The laugh you do after you troll someone. Trolling someone is making fun of them, hating on them or even just annoying them. Generally the aim is to piss someone off. When you succeed, you are then permitted to say "trololol."
You being a troll + doing it for the lulz = trololol
by thagodfatha July 23, 2011
(verb) To explain a simple fact, in even simpler terms, to a really thick person. This is often to degrade a person and to boost your social status by making you seem more clever than the idiot you just humbled.
A posh way of "telling someone" i.e. "he got humbled" posh version of "he got told."
I just humbled you in this definition. But since you are thick, I am going to humble you again and give you a simpler definition.

Guy 1: What's this random paper we got ages ago?
Guy 2: Let me humble you. That paper is our task for the exam that we will be sitting later today. The fact that you don't even know what the paper is about, proves you are going to inevitably fail this test.
by thagodfatha July 08, 2011
A cross between the two slang meanings of "next" and "extra." The slang definition of next means pointless, stupid, weird or just plain dumb. Extra in slang terms means long, also pointless, and a general exert of effort which is not needed.
Thus, when the two are combined, a very powerful slang word is formed.
Person 1: Come on man, if we catch that train 2 hours earlier, at 6:30 am, we can be at school earlier and have more time to chill there.

Person 2: Nah, fuck that man, that's nextra. I'd much rather be late and get a detention than catch that sunrise train.

Next + Extra = Nextra
by thagodfatha October 30, 2011
The sense of arousal generated by a person towards a truck or diesel engine because of the adrenaline rush they cause.

A person preferring a nice truck over miss universe.
A person having a feeling of intense anger over someone hating on his truck love.
A person loving the sound of diesel engines to the point where they might explode in their pants.
A person getting unnaturally excited over motors and their fluids.
"Dude, that Mike kid is in some serious truck love, he needs to find a girl."
"We caught Carl f*cking his tailpipe of his F350 in the parking lot. Carrrrrllll you're in truck love."
by ThaGodfatha April 15, 2014
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