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A magical word that, when typed in the email field of a chan post form before posting, returns you directly to the thread you just posted in instead of the thread list.

I use "noko" on /b/ to avoid losing track of my threads.
by y=mx+b April 14, 2009
Anyone who fails to recognize a troll and responds to it with anger or annoyance is said to have been "trolled". Being trolled often results in large quantities of butthurt.
*On an online forum*
Guy 1: You internet geeks are pathetic! I can bench 300lbs and have a banging hot girlfriend. (She just blew me, shit was SO cash.)
Guy 2: You think you're so much better than us? FOAD, internet tough guy!

Guy 3: lol! You got trolled!
by y=mx+b January 17, 2009
1. Lubeless sex involving really old people

2. How an idiot spells "sexual intercourse"
1. I could hear grandma and grandpa scraping away in the other room. They were having sexual intercoarse.

2. Sexual intercoarse iz won uv mah faverit aktivitys!
by y=mx+b March 06, 2009
On urbandictionary, a thumb war consists giving your own definition a thumbs up and giving a rival's definition a thumbs down on a daily basis while said rival does the same for himself. A thumb war is won when one of the contenders forgets to vote and/or gets a life.
I hope the addition of this definition doesn't provoke a thumb war.
by y=mx+b January 23, 2009

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