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Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can.
Guy: "I just found the coolest ninja pencil in existence."
Other Guy: "I just found the most retarded thread in existence."
The delicate art of fucking with people's emotions or perceived conception of reality, logic or social norms either over the internet or IRL by adopting butthurtful behaviors and/or speech with the sole purpose of lulz. What is true to say though is that trolls are insecure people who want to boost their hurt confidence (often done by other trolls) by asserting their dominance over people they consider sensitive or at least exploitable enough to being hurt. Otherwise, trolling can be viewed as exercising overkill in verbal or visual sadism.
ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA. That is what you only need to know if you want to know what trolling really is all about.
by CYFAWZ October 23, 2011
trolling is the act of stating completely true facts inside a forum or thread. The act of trolling is often looked down upon because other people don't like it when they are told they are wrong. A troll is simply some one who states true facts in the attempt to make the world a better place
All people reading the above statement were a subject to trolling.
by stolendreams July 15, 2011
Responding through short, unhelpful, and often antagonistic means, or performing acts with the intent of getting a rise from people so it can be posted on youtube later. No longer bound to the confines of the internet.
sexy saxagram youtube video
A - you suk no0b! go slit your wrists!
B - kthx!
(both are trolling in this scenario)
A - your terrible
B - you're
A - stfu you don't know what your talking about
B - you're
A - gtfo your annoying
B - you're...
by Baaaaaaaaahhhh March 17, 2011
Trolling is the exploration of the contrary. It serves as a primer to ignite the stupidity lying dormant within the zeal of an ideology or proposition.

A successful troll can be successful, by adopting a point of view contrary to their own and exploiting its weaknesses before a fellow proponent. A troll knows his enemy by trolling as his enemy.

A good troll plays a polemicist, with the hope of exposing the arrogance and irrationality of his target. A naive and unsuspecting victim is much more likely to deal a statement in absolutes if approached by someone appearing equally vehement of the contrary. A troll must sustain their position, however unlikely or immoral it may be. Ecumenicism does not exist in the world of troll.

In is no coincidence that induction of emotional outbursts in others is a salient feature of successful trolling. Indeed, it has been suggested that this property allows for a redefining of trolling as a critical analysis of human nature by socially deconstructive commentary.

In addition to being a valuable addition to discourse, trolling is a leisurely activity. One who opposes conventional wisdom need not be a revolutionary nor fool, merely a connoisseur of the fruit of uncertainty which gives so many imperious souls the indigestion that is rage.

Just as a witticism is an epigram on the death of a feeling, a successful troll is concluded with an epitaph on the death of a certainty.
Trolling: "God clearly scorched the negro's skin black in preparation for hell. That sounds merciful to me. Do you or do you not believe you can get a sunburn in hell?"
by Magnus Bojaxiu December 05, 2011
Act of appearing on internet forums and boards with malicious intent. Trolling includes...

-batting people to flame at you
-putting the forum down and encouraging people to leave.
-using several identities on a board to support your own arguments / stage pretend arguments
-generally being a dick on a power trip.
Some trolls claim they actions benefit others. These trolls are also twats
did you see the way that guy was trolling?
yep, he got banned.
i just filled in another account. you guys are dicks. why did you ban me? im gonna spam the place up for that!!
by pete s June 09, 2006
When we talk about "abuse" in real life, it usually comes in three forms: physical, sexual, and emotional. Since you can't physically nor sexually abuse someone over the internet, the abuse is perpetrated through the medium of a keyboard, with typed words. Ergo, trolling is a form of emotional/psychological abuse over the internet, and the intent is almost always to incite a "negative" emotional reaction in a person or group of people, which is usually nourishing and entertaining to the troll himself (and his audience) by way of humor and amusement.

I look back at what I used to do for fun on those lonely Friday and Saturday nights and realize how truly pathetic a life I was living. I had no social life, had never had a girlfriend or gotten laid, had substituted my mundane reality for a virtual reality, bought IP-altering software just for account bannings, and was just an all-around unhappy asshole who loved ruining otherwise happy peoples' days and bringing down their moods to the shitty one I was constantly experiencing. The reality is that, just as with real life emotional abusers, most trolls suffer from one or more various personality disorders (usually narcissism) and/or an inferiority complex, low self-esteem, and depression, as I was. Trolling is a cyber-expression of emotional abuse, and emotional abuse itself is part of a grander pathological mental disorder that the troll should seek help for, as I did.
Now you know the truth about trolling.
by Anon1045 September 24, 2011
deliberately arguing with complete fallacies on forums, comment threads, or message boards to get leets and other users pissed off by the troll's "ignorance"
User: Obama is a great president.
Troll: Obama kills babies and is a terrorist Muslim from Kenya
User: no! you are stupid (expletives may follow)
Troll: (continues to argue with fallacies)
User: (follows with angrier reply)
(other users may join in on either side)

NOTE: trolling may involve spam
by someguythatsboard November 09, 2010

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