When we talk about "abuse" in real life, it usually comes in three forms: physical, sexual, and emotional. Since you can't physically nor sexually abuse someone over the internet, the abuse is perpetrated through the medium of a keyboard, with typed words. Ergo, trolling is a form of emotional/psychological abuse over the internet, and the intent is almost always to incite a "negative" emotional reaction in a person or group of people, which is usually nourishing and entertaining to the troll himself (and his audience) by way of humor and amusement.

I look back at what I used to do for fun on those lonely Friday and Saturday nights and realize how truly pathetic a life I was living. I had no social life, had never had a girlfriend or gotten laid, had substituted my mundane reality for a virtual reality, bought IP-altering software just for account bannings, and was just an all-around unhappy asshole who loved ruining otherwise happy peoples' days and bringing down their moods to the shitty one I was constantly experiencing. The reality is that, just as with real life emotional abusers, most trolls suffer from one or more various personality disorders (usually narcissism) and/or an inferiority complex, low self-esteem, and depression, as I was. Trolling is a cyber-expression of emotional abuse, and emotional abuse itself is part of a grander pathological mental disorder that the troll should seek help for, as I did.
Now you know the truth about trolling.
by Anon1045 September 24, 2011
In the process of trying to annoy someone,but the joke is only for you. It involves being annoying and pestering someone for large periods of time. Usually repeating the same words or phrase multiple times, lying in a pattern in hopes the person will think your telling the truth.
What time will you be here?
Im not coming.
No seriously.
I. Am. Not. Coming.
Stop trolling me.
by IamAsainman June 28, 2011
trolling is when unknown peoples on the internet T-Roll an blogger who innocwntly makes a spelling mistake or other minor booboo. T-rolling is when someone takes the piss out of them for it with multiple consexutive comments that harp on about the unintentional fuckx pas.
blogger : i think obana is good for america.

t-roller: yes bananas make great presidents.
t-roller: yes just like angina merkel is a clear sign of germany's gas problems.
t-roller: yes, he was good in the incredible hulk but not sure he was in captain america?
(t-rolling = trolling )
by mythtrap May 19, 2011
Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more false or oxymoron statements, are thrown into a conversation or simple message reply baited with sarcasm and witticism meant to trick, confuse or just insult the recipient
*wearing rubber boots* "your boots untied"

you-"you're kind of dumb for being so cute" recipient- "don't you mean "you're kind of cute for being so dumb' " you- "see! you're so smart, just too damn stupid for your own good" recipient-"are you trolling me right now?" you- " yes you're cute and smart....just kidding, but not really, seriously though,are you catching any of this?" recipient- " you trolled me hard"
by skittlebrain January 30, 2014
'Imma do shit just to piss them off'- Hoodie Allen
Person 1: what is trolling?
Person 2: *puts on No Interrution//Hoodie Allen*
Hoodie: imma do shit just to piss them off
Person 1: thank you I have been enlightened
by pandapops November 26, 2013
When ones phsycological state and disconnections with other humans makes it acceptable to invoke a response from someone via the internet, typically with an emphasis on (one of the following)

a. trying to assert ones dominance over the other
b. attempting at ones very best to gain attention

This person is typically the individual in which has little, or no friends and doesn't know much about compassion. You can also get the rare troller, whom doesn't fit any of these categories, and does it just for fun. The way to distinguish them is to pay attention to their trolling habits and how they communicate with other people. If you notice an extreme emphasis on either a or b(above) than you've got yourself someone with little or no knowledge on how to have a correct encounter with another human being.

You can never really find a troll in real-life, or if you do it'll be in the drive through or he'll be getting picked up by a relative(as he doesn't drive.) Most trolls prefer to reside in their place of trolling, typically a basement with a internet connection.(Any isolated environment from other humans.)
No example can correctly pin-point the disease of the Troll.

If you're looking this up, for whatever reason you decided to look this up; you've probably got a troll.(trolling)
by Jakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee January 12, 2012
The art of blasphemy.

Perfection of this art is like a Buddhist achieving enlightenment.
Yo man I swear I didn't!
Yes you did!

Dude...he's trolling you
by Quezacotl April 06, 2010

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