Tripping goggles. Any colored lensed eyewear worn during a hallucinogenic trip to conceal dilation of eyes and enhance visuals.
"Man, I need to put my troggles on before i go into 7-Eleven to get a slurpee so the po po dont know know."

"You look like a giant strawberry through these troggles."
by Eanestrom August 23, 2009
Top Definition
one of the monsters in the old school Number Munchers game. Probably short for "troglodyte."
The troggles are after me!
by ankle biter May 25, 2008
To stimulate the anus with the pinky finger while masturbating with the same hand.
Why only jack off if you can troggle?
by flomus drewazy August 16, 2010
ugly people/beasts who hate on pretty people jus cuz there jealous
by macdaddybitch=] December 10, 2008
an insanely ugly person (s)

wow...look at the group of bezzle troggles. let's throw mud at them"
by vudoo September 12, 2007

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