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A person who thinks the radio is sending them messages, and thinks they are part of the dirty south.
I don't want to talk to that biatch. That trizzle scares the shit out of me.
by Samatha February 18, 2005
1 38
To be tipsy, for real, because you don't want to be piss drunk or sober. It's a that sweet spot in between: Trizzle
Girl, let's get trizzle with our dranky dranks...
Boy, lets get trizzle with our dranky dranks...

Mom, I like it when dad gets trizzle because he is not overly drunk to abuse us.
by ktua July 14, 2010
38 11
Variation on the word "true." Used to confirm another's sentiments.

(when speaking of an attractive girl)
"Brandy is a dime piece."
by mc ca$hmir March 13, 2003
46 32
used in place of weed, orgin-jerzey
Ay yo, you got them trizzles
by Bec32 June 28, 2006
9 3
another slang work for marijuana.
Hey man, do you have any trizzle.
by Tom G May 28, 2005
40 43
1.) To throw lots of dollar bills in the air.

2.) To cum on a girl
I trizzled on her last night.
by thedtsupey January 08, 2009
16 20
The three best people in the world. Founded in october 2010. And only with the people who names are Alex, Ursula and Jessica be can be part of Trizzle. And only can you be in Trizzle when you play Onverse
Trizzle modo - "When you cook with trizz you end up with jizz"
by Alizzle07 December 20, 2010
2 9
trizzle meanin trip.
man dont trizzle you dont even want that bizzle.
by B 2 QUIK June 28, 2004
11 27