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a word used to describe the sethro troll, the yay area legend.

also, being overall a very hyphy person.
what's up trizz?

what about trizz?

why you so trizz?

no shirt. no shoes. no trizz.
by byron fanning March 04, 2008
The equivalent of the word "True" usually used to indicate agreement to something. It doesn't flat out replace the word 'true' in every situation, only when you agree to something that was said.
In the examples, the word (true) is replaced by trizz.
Person 1: She's so pretty!
Person 2: Trizz, she can be model

Person 1: That party was live last night!
Person 2: Trizz, that party did one thing!

Person 1: I just won a million dollars you want half of it?
Person 2: Trizzzzzzz
by Patchiz2010 November 10, 2010
trash, bad kid, garbage
Steelsnip3r: Zaffey your BR is total trizz today
Zaffey: STE...steel im sorry!


after getting a easy 4 shot double kill...

by XxZerstorenxX April 10, 2008
To run a 3 way-train on a fine ass bitch.
"I told you once, none of you rappers as cold as Krumbz/
Havent ran trizz on a girl yet but Ive driven a train over one/"
by geezy October 30, 2004
1. Trizz is a synonym to the word "stuff".

2. It can also be used as etc, or etcetera.
Needs an "and" in front of it for it to be used this way.

3. Trizz-F (pronounced Trihhzzz EFFFF!) Is a interjection equivalent to saying "Oh No", "Crap!", "Eek!", ETC.
1. Oh since we're going to Terry's beach house, don't forget to bring your bathing suit and trizz.

1b. Clean up all this trizz, Hare! I can't see your floor!

2. We're baking cookies, cakes, pastries and trizz.

3. Trizz-F! I can't believe I forgot my L.A. textbook! Now I have to pay a $50 fee!
by TGQ July 17, 2009
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