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An abbreviation for Magic Online with Digital Objects

The original project name for Wizards of The Coast's Magic: Online
Last night I got some MODO draftage going on.
by gesis January 29, 2005
155 15
Means really, really ugly. Comes from Quasimodo being ugly; and he's only quasi...modo. See 'fugly'.
Holy shit! Your new girlriend is kinda modo dude...what the hell's wrong with you?
by moneyjane March 16, 2005
20 20
Maureen Dowd; standard New York Times lefty fare.
Blinded by hatred for anyone who lives outside the Manhattan Membrane, particularly towards those who dare to live in flyover country; she has managed to have a verb/noun named after her, following a particularly dishonest hit piece of hers. See dowdify/dowding/dowdification.
See also Fallujah.
Zell Miller alleged that Maureen Dowd had technicolor hair.
by Free your mind February 28, 2005
21 28
To motivate in order to achieve a desired goal. Generally to overcome lethargy.
Dude, we are out of beer. Someone's gotta modo.
by mad scientist August 27, 2006
9 17
most definately
We had fun at Mikey's modo!
by Mana Caryn April 05, 2003
4 19