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pride in being asian
asian solidarity
gutsy asians have asian pride and aren't afraid to feel it, know it, or express it
such as the same pride that whites and blacks assume, how is this different?
by piper January 24, 2004
one whose only goal is to ruin the fun... often the reason for why cops show up at a party
Jimmy's dad is a real stickler.
by Piper July 11, 2003
Spanish slang for dude that may be used as an insult or just a greeting
Get out of here pinche huey!
by Piper December 27, 2003
hot, break dancin' boy!! Always there for me when I need him!! Likes my ass!!
Huy, you have me!
by Piper February 02, 2004
A word standing for an exclamation, or a response to something that you like. Usually said with emphasis on the word "you". (Can also be spelt 'Yuno')

The use of this word originated in the small North Carolina town of Garner.
1. "Did you see that new Chappelles show last night?"
"YOU know!"
2. "Yes, I just got an A on this test! YOU know!"
by piper April 15, 2004
This is a mulipurpose word. You can use it as an insult, or you can use it when you forget the real name. It also works well to get away from people you don't like. Scream mer-ma-ner and walk away as they sit there contemplating what it means. It can also take the place of someone's name.
Mer-ma-ner is such an ass.
by Piper January 22, 2005
A term used in context where the conversation is not openly focused on discussing the sexual act.

If you were in a public area this word would be used to subsitute "boner".
Nick got a b1er just by looking at Paris.
by Piper September 20, 2003
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