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damn dat niggas triv
by baby lincoln September 13, 2003
messed up, not right, wrong. bad.
you know whats triv, debbie slept with tina's man.
by cee cee and cheri September 10, 2005
Derived from trivial, derogatory. Unimportant. Weak. Insignificant. Possibly annoying. Possibly bullshit. Or, in general, just plain fucked up.
The bitch was bein triv so I had to dinkin flicka that piece.
#weaksauce #lame #fucked up #triflin #bullshit
by craze lord November 28, 2006
Could mean illiterate, dumb, boring, stupid, weird, and most commonly, when that nigga just don't get that his lady ain't diggin' him no more.
That nigga Dontrel been actin' triv, tryna think he flossy.

Damn, yo man is triv can't believe you let him hit that.
#triv #slang #ghetto #dumb #diss
by DaYayo October 11, 2010
Messed up, crazy
You know what's triv, Angel slept with Tina's man.
by Leileilem March 14, 2016
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