The unexplainable....usually because an illegal substance has caused your brain to temporarily not function properly.
Damn joey, I toked so much, its so trippy how it takes so much longer to walk to the 7-11!
by Amanda Juhl---Florida babi! May 18, 2003
(adjective) alternate word for "cool"
"That hat is so trippy" or "That was pretty trippy."
by Chaelle March 23, 2006
An adjective retards use to describe anything that looks remotely like a hallucination you see while on an LSD trip to make themselves seem "cool" when in reality they've never even seen the stuff...
Dude, that's trippy!
by Katie September 19, 2003
the real mccoy thats all
real mccoy while listening to pink floyd
by tyler December 31, 2003
to be mad/sad about something
stop being so trippy about me bein` mad at yo ass !! damn
by mimimaryeng May 25, 2005
trippy is hot
by s.s. ED June 05, 2003
Anything distorted and rainbow colored and stuff like that.
Nearly all MLG montage parodies are this.
The weird side of YouTube sure is trippy...
by Pitchy April 07, 2015

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