a man well endowed man
He's so hung, we call him tripod.
by DarkNova April 15, 2002
A three-legged dog.
Sophie the beagle became a tripod after she was hit by a car.
by JP O December 21, 2003
The sexual position when a man turns his bitch upside down (headstand) and separates her legs ( resembling a camera tripod), then proceeds to eat her out, as she gives him head.
That stank ho got tripoded.
by MMoney January 10, 2005
member of the Seamen of the South
known as the most intimidating of the crew
Hey where did those fags go?
Tripod scared em off
by flickyobeanz December 16, 2004
tom holden is a tripod
tom holden is funky fresh
by freg October 27, 2004
When three guys plug up a girls vagina, arsehole and mouth
When we put Claire on the tripod, it went off.
#arsehole #vagina #mouth #girl #guys
by Serbo10 November 16, 2014
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