A girl that gets fucked by 3 guys at the same time.
Suzy and Erin are the biggest tripods. All they do is get drunk and take in more cock than they can handle.
by Shindig March 08, 2006
When a man with one testicle and a man with two testicles simultaneously expose their sacks to another person.
yo Tony lets give Mike the good old tripod
by Quintin Hubbard November 01, 2010
A frequently worshiped deity consisting of Tom Thumb, Eddie Bauer, and Jesus H. Christ. Worship practices include: wizard staffs, blow-up dolls, dancing on elevated surfaces, VIP floozies, and owning any Eddie Bauer gear because it is THE BEST and should be treated with respect. However, this does not mean Eddie Bauer is the most important member of the tri-pod, because Jesus H. lives on South beach heals those in need and will carry your cooler of beer for a small fee. With the utmost respect is how one should approach and reverence the tri-pod.
I'm going camping to show my respect for the Tri-pod, I'm bringing my Eddie Bauer sleeping bag and soulja boy will be the music of choice.
by Tiny Hats April 10, 2009
When your dick becomes so large that it looks as if you have an extra leg.
"Wow that guy has a third leg!"
"No bro, thats a tripod."
by EpicDuckGuy February 05, 2012
An small man with an unusually large penis
"Tom's dick is huge, he's such a tripod"
by grandpacowdragon July 22, 2013
When you have one night stands for three days in a row.
"Man I had a tripod last week"
"What do you mean?"
"I had a one night stand with Julie three nights in a row."
"You guys together now?"
"No, I haven't seen her since"


"I am so worn out from my tripod last week"
"Whoah! Who with?"
"I had Julie on Tuesday, Savanah on Wednesday, and then Trixie on Thursday!"
"Woah. Hear from them since?"
"Nope, they went back to Arizona"
by TrixieTripod December 12, 2013
a person with 3 balls(testicles).Usually bigger than the others
1) Yo that guy has a Tri-pod.Damn that things huge
2)This girl was sucking on my enormous Tri-pod
.It was like a Nuterous Nick all over again.
by Troy Zarodkiewicz March 24, 2008

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