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shady, not right
"you tried to get with my man w/out me seeing, and then when i did see, you denied it...your a triflin' bitch"
by Amber September 29, 2002

to be 'trifled'

A variation of rape whereby the attacker conseals his/her visual identity by squirting squirty cream into his/her victims eyes before forced penetration.

Advanced trifling includes the use of custard and/or mixed fruits.
26 year old woman suffered severe case of trifling on her way home from work. Empty can of 'Anchor© Extra Thick Squirty Cream' found at the scene of the crime.
by cusshhp April 02, 2011
someone who hollers at other chicks on myspace when they have a girlfriend, someone who likes to do sneaky things and is pathetic.
That dude is pretty trifling for trying to cheat on his girlfriend so many times.
by BLUEeyedGIRL4 May 20, 2009
an intolerable smelling stank or stench...extremely bad odor
"Did that bitch just eat a shit sandwich or something because her breath was trifling"
by Guy Stankowitz December 12, 2008
when a bunch of fools come up in her and post what they think the word "trifling" means, they are; trifling!
yo yall fools is be trifling!
by 2triflin November 14, 2009
Your best friend sleeps with your boyfriend then doesnt tell you...
Boo, when Jessica started sleeping with David, I 'bout smacked a ho...damn, she was trifling
by Kristen Michelle February 06, 2006
throwing trifles out of car windows at unsuspecting passers by eg; joggers, drunk people, school kids and neds.
thoroughly enjoyable exercise for body and mind.
Fancy going trifling this afternoon?
That trifling sesh was brilliant!
by suarezbersht February 04, 2011
The word black people use after they are done rambling on about nappy hair and lotion.
"Damn nigga look at those ashy knees. Y'all need some lotion up in her."
(Insert black women ramble here)
"Oh no bitch, You Trifling!"
by A Very Black Man December 30, 2008

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