throwing trifles out of car windows at unsuspecting passers by eg; joggers, drunk people, school kids and neds.
thoroughly enjoyable exercise for body and mind.
Fancy going trifling this afternoon?
That trifling sesh was brilliant!
by suarezbersht February 04, 2011
(adj.) a way to describe a sad or disappointing situation.
Dude 1: Man, it was raining all day yesterday, now it's humid as hell...

Dude 2: Yeah, that shit is trifling, yo...
by Neo Zero July 09, 2005
The word black people use after they are done rambling on about nappy hair and lotion.
"Damn nigga look at those ashy knees. Y'all need some lotion up in her."
(Insert black women ramble here)
"Oh no bitch, You Trifling!"
by A Very Black Man December 30, 2008
Pretty much saying "That's fucked up!"
Deonte- Did you see what Brian did?
Trevon- Yeah, and it was Trifling
by 12369745 June 29, 2009
when your girlfriends mom is a bitch and comes between you and your girl. shes trifling!
amys mom is a trifling hoe.
by dave domanusz May 12, 2006
When a hippo takes a big dump in front of a group of 1st graders and then eats it.

That's triflin'.
In response to the hungry hippo's action, "Oh no, that's triflin'!"
by T-dog & Puddles January 07, 2005
a female that lies and is dishonest and usually thinks she does no wrong.
She is a trifler, she borrowed my car for a few hours and brought it back three days later! She is one trifling cunt!
by Danimal January 14, 2005
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