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An ugly, angry woman with evil powers.
That Cline is some kind of evil.
by Josephus Jarjondum October 24, 2009
Cost (or wholesale) price of a product
Q: How much did get that camera for?
A: C-line $250
by ianamalsu August 21, 2007
A fat, fat, stupid man, who is fat.
Do not feed the Cline.
by Akusai September 17, 2003
The opposite of recline. To sit up
The Stewardess made me cline my chair for landing.

Jay is a fucker.
by LittlePeople April 21, 2009
to not graduating in four years
i'm not going to Cline
by The Divine One September 28, 2003
Hot short guy who is very athletic.
Cline is so hot
by Little wheels 28 May 03, 2016
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