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One of the easiest sorority girls you'll ever come across.
Tri delt - everyone else has
by the almighty redshield March 24, 2005
1. A member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. Like many sororities, the reputation of the particular Delta Delta Delta chapter varies depending on the college or university to which the chapter belongs. Generally sorority girls are thought to be wealthy, priviledged and snobbish, but that too varies with the individual.

The use of the word Tri-Delt can be either complimentary or derogatory, depending on the intent and outlook of the user.
Man, check out that hot tri-delt !

Can you believe how snotty that tridelt treated me! You'd think she was god's gift to men!
by G Canis January 25, 2004
Really hot girls that know how to have a good time. These girls range from chic urban girls to your typical lily pulitzer-wearing classy girls, and you can expect to see a lot of blonds. Easily the best and most fun sorority to hang out with on campuses such as umd-college park, these girls know how to hold their liquor (so dont expect a few shots of alcohol to get you anywhere with them). This sorority is also one of the few that actually focuses on having a great time with eachother, rather than competing with other sororities to LOOK the best. They are not snobbish and elect to associate with all different kinds of guys (unlike sororities who dont socialize with anyone but the lacrosse teams).
dude, those tridelt girls are always out!
by sixchick May 28, 2009
A group of girls whose pants fall to the ground faster than you can say anal. They will also give you your first anal experience.
Bill: Yo Greg, my girl just doesn't satisfy anymore
Greg: Bill, remember the old saying... "If your girlfriend won't do it, a tri delt will!!"
While some definitions are semi-correct, this one aims to entertain the reader while shedding light on this subject.

Delta Delta Delta, better known as Tri-Delta or Tri-Delt.

**You know what they say**:

Can't get laid, try delt (everyone else has)!

(According to folklore, the three Deltas represent three "points" or erect cocks Tri-Delts strive to have in or around their mouth, have between their legs, and otherwise entertain, at all times)

>>>>Tri-delts are largely involved with philanthropy and community service. Their signature event is year-round: raising men's self-esteems, reminding them there are always girls who will have sex with them, since 1889.

An anonymously written poem:
I like getting ram-
med, yes I do!! I like cocks,
Sure I'll sleep with you!
Your friend wants in, I'll fuck him too!

You want a reach around?
You want to fuck on the ground?
I can't handle a big schlong??
Oh, you sir are ever-so-wrong!

Eifel Tower me.
Cover me,
Shower me, make it rain.
Do it the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
Sex with me is so good so good you see!

So I will suck on cocks
Protruding from a "Big Sausage Pizza" box.
And I will take it from three, maybe four,
Of your friends, you think I haven't done this before??
And I will fuck over here and over there.
I Say: I will eat cock ANYWHERE!

Are you sad you can't get a date?
While you beat off to a playmate?
Listen here, without a doubt
This is true: I put out
By jove, it's not too late,
Remember, the adage is true:
Whatever the reason, I'll fuck you,
If any of this you've ever felt,
Then by god, you should be a Tri-Delt!
Can't get laid,
Tri delt.
>>>Commrade 1: "What it is man?"

(handshake that lasts no less than 12 seconds)

>>>Commrade 2: "Tryin' to get my dick wet tonight! (ingests copious amounts of drank)
Hit up that party down the street, it's sick as shit! Table dancers, no cover, kush out's practically a reverse-sausage-fest!

_______But! Always have plan B, my fine soon-to-be-vomiting-because-you-just-finished-that-fifth-of-jack-alone-curled-in-a-ball-in-the-corner friend--can't get laid, Tri-Delt (*wink*)"

>>>Commrade 1: (Very animated as visions of fornication flood his intoxicated Tri-Delts have the reputation of being "easy" often (not always). Returning to reality after a 4 second LAG) "Awww yea!"

by Om Nom Nom.... November 30, 2011
sexy, classy and fun. Always the life of the party and always envied. While the quality of the girl varies from college to college, tri delts are generally amazingly attractive. They have an amazing sisterhood and are always there for each other. Always dressed in polos, but never pop the collar :)
see that sexy girl drinking all the boys under the table but still maintaining her composure? yeah shes a tri delt.
by beta nu April 24, 2005
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