three (3)
The year is duece double-ot trey
by Momanon September 15, 2003
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the most amazing boy ever. a guy who i will never forget. the boy who can always cheer me up when i've had a bad day. someone i ALWAYS have fun with, no matter what we're doing. the person i want to be with for a long, long time. :)
trey is incredible.
by sammiyourgirlfriend August 24, 2009
Trey is the most amazing guy ever. He can cheer you up no matter how down you are and can make you feel some pretty awesome feelings. He's been down the same road you have and knows how you feel. He'll help you through those lonely nights, and he's so cuutee. He's super nice and cares so much. I love you Trey :]
Trey, you're incredible.
by Kayerinsch16 May 06, 2010
An amazing boyfriend any girl would be lucky to have. He is always there for you in a time of need and can relate to all your problems and situations. Trey can be rude sometimes and try to be the boss when he is irritated or annoyed. But he will soon get over his problem/grudge and give in with an, "I'm sorry." He tells the truth which is greatly appreciated to most but sometimes the truth hurts He is also a man who has been through difficult situations while growing up and has learned from them, but if you open up and listen to him with your heart you can be shocked with the problems he's faced at such a young age.
1.) Trey will be on the phone with you for hours not saying a word just to be sum what with you.

2.) Trey will treat you when able.
by Cinni15 August 15, 2010
A boy's nickname that stands for "the third." Another form is Tripp.
Trey's full name is John Doe III.
by Trey December 27, 2003
A misunderstood young man. He's intelligent and funny. Most people think he is a crazy ass psychopath. He's artistic. He's pretty nice and attractive. Anybody would be lucky to have the chance to get to know him. He's a great person. Some girls are secretly in love with him... ;)
I think Trey's hot.
by imeaniguessthatscoolxxx March 26, 2011
The funniest guy ever! He is gorgeous. A guy that I will never forget. He knows how to make you laugh and is very sweet. There is no party if there is no Trey. He is a lovable sweet, considerate person. Great at sports, and knows his place. Not pushy, not jugdmental. Great guy. If you find one never leave him. Hes worth the world.
Look there's Trey!

Gade Trey!
by chocolatedonutpolice31 November 27, 2010
is a great guy. he is loving and caring. he will listen to you and love you as long as you will let him. he is very creative and smart.He will be with you through it all even through the most rough of storms. he has the biggest heart and personality. he makes anygirl feel special and like she is his whole world. he makes a girl feel like she is beautiful no matter what she or anyone else thinks of her. he makes a girl feel like a princess. he is valued as a boyfried,husband,
friend,fiance, ect.he makes a girl smile even when she feels like giving up. he is super attractive and he is extremely loved.he is a amazing person and is loved for eternity.
I am inlove with you Trey!

Trey is my world!

I will love Trey more than anyone else will ever think of doing.

I can never live without Trey!

I will love Trey even after my heart stops beating!
by MandyAngel09 September 07, 2011
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