Calling the third hit in a group of people smoking marijuana (deuces is second hit)
I call deuces, shit well i got treys
by Chilli man February 07, 2010
Trey is a special person. He has a very unique personality. He is shy, but outgoing at the same time. He loves to join clubs and try out for sports and hang with friends. Trey is nice and will listen to what you have to say to him. He is also very smart. He doesn't use that gift all the time, but knows the right decisions to make. He is also an outdoorsy type of person. He loves nature, and what it brings. If you know Trey, keep him.
Hey do you guys know where Trey is? -JB
Yeah, I just hung out with him yesterday. He's cool. -JB
Ahh, I wish I could be like Trey... -JP
by Juicebag February 23, 2014
Three pointer in basketball
by rahzel March 03, 2004
When two men cum at the same time and the spurts collide mid-air.
Dude, that was so cool. That was a total trey.
by McYeti May 14, 2015
A retired semiprofessional volleyball player that went pro at the age of 2 and retired at the age of 8; holds records in the Jr. Florida Volleyball division for 2 year olds; has considered a comeback but has not yet come out of retirement
Look at him he plays just like trey!
by floridaboy_beachbum March 27, 2015
a realllllyyyyy funny guy, who is super fun to talk to. practically his whole family is in the mafia...shhh. he says theyre not but i think thats just so he wont get slaughtered. i mean forreal; tony ray is a definite mafia name.tony+ray=trey i've never met a "trey" but i plan to. he's kinda secretive, and i dont know much about his home life, but i have loads of fun talking to him on the pooter. each trey doesnt have a certain accent according to where they live. for example; my trey lives in hillbilly hell and talks like he's from arizona. how dope is thattt? he's uber random and spits out compliments every 2.5 seconds<----which i love! *keep fucking that chicken, trey!

can-wtf? whats so funny?

carls- oh nothing, im just talking to trey.

can- that explains it! (Y)
by gravy&biscuits. June 07, 2011
First name and nickname of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. Trey kept the flame of guitar music alive in the 1990's along with Iron Maiden's Dave Murray and Janick Gers. An excellent songwriter, singer, and guitarist.
Trey has come out and jammed with Dave Matthews on numerous occasions.
by Zachée Elliée September 05, 2005

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