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Somebody who IMs his girlfriend's mother about their relationship problems and is a gigantic douchebag.
He thinks he's the coolest person ever, but he sucks.
he uses everyone for gum and food.
Nobody actually likes him.
He attempts to control everyone's lives and is almost definitely a pathological liar.
wow. what a trey. time to break up with him... why did i date him this long?!?!
by ThaGreatestEvr! January 12, 2011
23 33
A real asshole. He'll treat nice girls like pieces of shit then sweet talk them like everything's okay just to get in their pants. Dates high school girls because chicks his own age don't like douchebags.
Why would anyone ever go out with a Trey?
by some nice guy 73 June 07, 2011
4 15
The Ps3
Guy: I sold my 360 to buy a trey because it sucked.
by patrick2456 June 13, 2009
24 35
Nickname for the Third Ward, an inner-city Houston neighborhood southeast of downtown.
"Went to the Trey for a dime" -- Devin the Dude
by MrMudd September 05, 2007
19 30
Somebody who is creepy, jealous, often skinny, and often slutty.
Somebody who is extremely self conscious.
Somebody who longs for what other people have.
Somebody who starts loads of drama for no reason.
A: I definately wont fight you because im "mature" AKA: pussy.
B: whatever, Trey.
by Whatever, Treyy September 25, 2010
13 26
A three-dollar bag of heroin, ~1969 NYC, anyway. There were also the deuce and dime bags - self-explanatory.

A five-dollar bag of the goods was, for reasons I have never been able to comprehend, known as a "pound" bag, rarely a "nickel bag," such term being used mainly for weed.

Four and six dollar bags were called just that, fours and sixes.

The denomination one found might well depend on where in the city you were. For example, treys were common all over the LES, while deuces seemed to prevail in areas of the Bronx.

"You holding today, my man?"
"I got treys, how many you want?"
by Straight Shooter September 27, 2007
31 44
the three in a deck of playing cards
trey of spades
by CPT January 10, 2004
32 47