Trey Anastasio, lead singer of Phish. God to some.
Trey is the shit! Trey is God!

Trey fucking rocked my shit last night!

Did you fucking see Trey last night?!
by ashley January 31, 2004
1. Shit
2. Trash
3. Asshole
4. A player

5. Confused as fuck

6. Loner
7. Desperate

8. Pussy ass nigga

9. Bitch nigga
10. Nigga
Stop being such a Trey.
by dsjkalfjaksl March 21, 2015
The often abused 30mg oxycodone pills; trey is used to avoid detection from family and law enforcement; The word sounds similar to tri- meaning 3 instead of using medical lingo. Commonly heard in Eastern Massachusetts
user: Got those treys? dealer: I got treys all day.
by deep cover January 20, 2012
Trey thinks he has a big dick but thats a lie. When he gets girls which is rarely they always dump him in like the first few days. And if he gets lucky he gets to get a hug, and if they see his dick they scream and run away.
Did you here they kid named Trey I here he has a chode.
by treyisgay1 August 26, 2014
the most manipulative person you will ever meet. Very sleazy, immoral, misleading, unreliable, and deceptive. Don't be fooled by his charm, appearance, or words. Has a habit of playing people for his own objectives. Tends to want what he can't have, and will do anything in his power to get it. Has a history of stealing his friend's potential girlfriends and also has multiple personalities which he uses in his favor. Is usually lying, and is often caught. Might be a little insecure, but makes up for that by feeding his ego. This can often be observed while he flirts with every girl, talks about his abdomen, talks about other people behind their back, or is trying to impress people by showing off. Don't try confronting him, as he more than likely will play the victim. Will never change, and his actions don't seem to phase him. Everything associated with him is obnoxious and detestable. He'll never repair the damage he's performed, and is truly a lost cause.
Did you hear about Trey??
YEAH!! He's such a jackass!!
by Dolphintamer November 02, 2010
The Ps3
Guy: I sold my 360 to buy a trey because it sucked.
by patrick2456 June 13, 2009
Nickname for the Third Ward, an inner-city Houston neighborhood southeast of downtown.
"Went to the Trey for a dime" -- Devin the Dude
by MrMudd September 05, 2007

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