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A fake person who does whatever the "cool" trends are among other fake people

why is everyone at this school such a trender]
why is everyone at this school such a trender
by RJA Fanatic April 25, 2007
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Trender. Noun, Someone who says or acts in a way that is trending at the time. Usually gets really annoying because they cannot think of anything original to say and also think it's cool.

Some examples.

Calling someone Randoms or;
Garbage/cabbage. Etc.

Shaving the side of your head,
Bohemian Style clothing, Purposely torn Pants, Any fashion really.
Long boarding. Etc.
"Show me your tits, YOLO."

"That tattoo is ratchet"

"OMG you fucking random"

"Kid get out of here, you're garbage/cabbage"

These idiots are "Trenders"

"I hate trenders"
"trenders are the worst"
by Bobo Smither January 11, 2014
A girl who follows trends but only after she puts her own twist on them; starting a new trend can be an effect but is not the point.
Trend: Monogram necklaces in silver or gold.
Trender: Buys a monogram necklace in rayon material and chooses an electric purple color with a gold chain.
by americantrender October 23, 2013
someone who is awesome and starts trends
she is such a trender
by mirandasneakykneees April 11, 2009
A person who copies or talks about popular trends that are happening online or at school
My friend started taking selfies, so I call him a trender.
by ThaTMagic March 03, 2015

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