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no affiliate with ones group, also your boy homie or main man.
yo what up treezy, or you treezy when are we goona hit the store
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
true, correct; "word"
From true + eezy. See also: trizzle.
Thick: "She's a ho"
G-money: "treezy"
by dnes April 28, 2003
1.The Words Trick And Beezy Combined.
2.An Ugly Slutty Bitch.
1.Dayumm! That Girl Seyi Is A Treezy!
2.I Know! She`s More Of A Treezy Than Sarah!
by LiNA408 April 15, 2007
it means true bitch
d asked me if i hit lisa's boonkie,
the answer be treezy
by $ April 28, 2003
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