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a hot, sexy, italian girl who should know she is beautiful no matter what anyone says.
guy 1: who is that hot italian
Guy 2: thats annabella, you don't want her
Guy 1: i don't care what you say thats my girl
by themanyear2011 October 15, 2011
137 29
a beautiful girl with a shy outlook but with a fun and outgoing personality once you get to know her. apparently she's not good enough for the guys she knows, so they go for the cliche popular girls
guy 1: i think i like annabella
guy 2: no dude you should like nikki. she's blonde and popular and super boring.
guy 1: yeah you're right. annabella's too different
by jackson122 August 28, 2010
130 62
Annabella is beautiful, crazy, friendly, nice, cute, smart, outgoing, and is multi talented. She could be the sexiest girl in the world and wouldn't even know it.
Omg Annabella is amazing!
by itsaunicornbitches! November 01, 2013
29 7
A person who loves samir. Even though she denys him, in her heart she loves him and will do ANYTHING FOR HIM!
Hey annabella want to come over here and play with samirs hard drive?
by CptSamir February 06, 2008
28 125