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suffix (informal)- Commonly used in informal situations amongst good freinds; Used to express positive emotion

Antonym: Izzle
Nasty: Yo Ceezy! Homegirl last night was off tha heezy!

Cesar: Fasheezy, Neezy!

Neezy- Nasty

Ceezy- Cesar
by Romeo! June 07, 2009
A meaningless suffix added to the end of words in order to make them sound slang.

SEE: izzle
Off the heezy fo sheezy!

heezy - hook
sheezy - sure
by Cameron "Schblade" December 04, 2003
high off of THC
yo son, let's get eezy then play some NBA Live.
by young mack vee December 03, 2003