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Travis is a kid that more agro than anyone else in the universe! He tends to wear vibrams, which are shoes with agro powers! He is a badass at video games and soccer. Everyone likes hims even tho his ideas don't always make sense.
Hey man, do doorknobs taste purple?
Man that is such a travis comment.

Dude, Travis climed a mountain in his vibrams!
by dudeman2109 October 12, 2010
20 30
An extremely attractive male. Wants to kill any boy who hits on his younger sister and threatens pedestrians wearing a man thong. Loves skateboarding and being a freak. He likes good music that not very many people have heard of. Most importantly Travis' sex appeal is one that cannot be handled and you will want your hands all over that.
Girl: hey
Travis: hey
Girl: omg I want you

by Kooopna December 02, 2009
78 102
Has a very small string and cant pleasure the vaginal crease. Dana's be warned.
Jason: I'm Not a Wall!
Travis: Dana Thought So.
by Dragonsandstuff August 04, 2011
11 40
A dirty cock sucker who only thingks of him-self, who has a small dick, no life what-so-ever and can't even get it up half the time. He's also extremely rascist, does crack. He doesn't care what happens to his friends. He has no respect for females, especially his mother. Nickname: TinyDick.
Travis: Look at my monster cock!
CR: Is it invisible?
by innocentAngel0:) April 22, 2011
21 54
An indescribable person who claims to receive no satisfaction from sex, yet he/she fucked a girl/boy inside of his/her high school and continues to talk about it in his/her sleep to this day.

He/she listens to a lot of terrible music and can often be seen in a multi-colored Volkswagen Bug throwing his/her hand in the air as "Tik Tok" plays on the radio.

He/she lies to himself/herself a lot, most commonly about his/her "great skills on the guitar", though it's quite possible that the average person could play better using only the head of their penis.

Unfortunately, he's/she's easily fooled into thinking that you're best friends with him/her, and so therefore he/she constantly visits your Facebook page to talk about stupid bullshit that cool people don't care about.

And as a side note, he/she constantly begs you to fuck his/her hot mom, but you can't bring yourself to do it.
Christ son, you want a Volkswagen Bug? NO SON OF MINE WILL BECOME A TRAVIS!
by MyLazySundays October 24, 2010
6 38
fucking sexy, used as a sex toy, will fuck a nigga up, fuck'em soon cuz they tend to get penal fractures lots, will knock you the fuck out
damn man, 20 lebs after me....better get travis!!

Christina: oh my god, gotta get me some travis!
other bitch:fuck you whore, he's mine!
Christina: ok, threesome!
by !~mm~! October 12, 2008
142 177
The most annoying and stupid person in the world. Has his own little clique and likes to make very weird faces....
Bob: Dude, have you seen that new kid? He is Soooo annoying!
Ray: Yeah, i saw him, and i hear he's annoying...
but i just don't know his name....
Bob: neither do i, but he's a total Travis.....
by never noob 123 November 16, 2010
17 54
A pussy son of a bitch. desnt take no for an answer. Manipulative and contolling bastard who epects everyone to suck up to him. Plays it all tough but when it comes down to it, he handles things like a 5 year old.
Travis is a dick
by csa_orc2013 July 15, 2010
36 73