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The most notorious or well-known drug dealer commonly found in a shady area where drug deals are usually carried out.
A$AP Ferg is the trap lord, find him on 9th Ave. where he lurks.
by KeepIt1Hunna April 12, 2014

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what is a trap lord? Sedio
by thebaddestever October 30, 2013
When someone is so attracted by someone or something he is called a traplord. being a traplord occasionally bring psychosis towards the person being trapped.

A: Dude that chick is so hot.
B: Ahaha you're so trapped !!
A: I know man, I'm so trapped that it makes me feel like a delusional schizophrenic.
B: Indeed you are a traplord !
by the real schizo September 15, 2013