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something to describe an event as being too busy or hectic. It can also be used to describe a stressful person.
Amanda's got a lot of work to do in the office. I don't want to stick with her. She's so toxic.
I have a very toxic schedule. Go away.
by lee30 June 18, 2008
25 13
something or someone that is attractive and makes you addicted to it or him/her
With a taste of your lips I'm on a ride, you're toxic I'm slippin' under. With the taste of a poison paradise, I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic? - Britney Spears
by Cali's Vixen February 15, 2004
133 63
Used to describe a person who is tainted by a subconscious malevolence or psychosis that affects the lifes of those who come into contact with them.
A mother that brings nothing but grief to the mental health of her children.
by Peat Bog Man February 06, 2002
91 36
A new song by Britney Spears that every guy cannot resist watching in total dis-belief!
Don't cha know that you're Toxic!
by Brian February 28, 2004
77 54
A new Britney Spears song that I like to have random dancing parties to

(and you gotta have the strobe lights)
MBRO and I had a dance party to Toxic last night.
by the pimpster March 05, 2004
81 70
a word that can be used to describe something as either extremely good or extremely bad, depending on tone of voice.
wow, that guy has a rockin' bod, it's straight up toxic


jeez, that test was so hard, it was toxic, I really thought i was gonna die
by Lizaa June 09, 2007
24 14

1. describes a substance capable of causing harm or death, biochemically, to an organism or the environment

2. imparting a bad influence on something; potentially fatal

2. in the near future, as a result of this UD definition, the new it word for cool.
1. Hydrochloric acid is a toxic chemical.

2. Religious fundamentalism is toxic to the human race.

3. Dude, that's a sick fuckin' shirt - it's so sick it's toxic!
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009
11 4