Another way of saying nice or great or amazing
that was toxic yo.
by NANJAB January 23, 2004
A shorten version of the Boston band "Toxic Narcotic"
Fuck man, Toxic will fuck your ass up.
by 9S0 August 18, 2005
Toxic is another word for drunk.
Who wants to go to the bar and get toxic with me tonight?
by Beth Ann March 17, 2004
like weed but stronger...
I got freaked up on some great toxic last night
by R.T. February 23, 2005
A shit song sung by britany Spears...a song in which the film clip is of britany airbrushed to the shithouse.
Something Poisenous
"lalalal im gay im toxic im slippin under'
that spider has got to be toxic ...look at the shit hanging out of its ass
by Penny December 26, 2004

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