A song by Britney Spears that not only sound good, but is accompanied by an ultra-sexy video that will make even the queerist of men blow their loads all over hell and half of Georgia.
OMFG Britney Spears was hawt in Toxic!!!
by SAOG April 09, 2005
When someone is a REALLY good flirt AND always flirting/seducing someone of the same or opposite sex.
He's soooo hot and was being his toxic self when he brushed my arms and whispered in my ears.
by Sydster September 12, 2010

1. describes a substance capable of causing harm or death, biochemically, to an organism or the environment

2. imparting a bad influence on something; potentially fatal

2. in the near future, as a result of this UD definition, the new it word for cool.
1. Hydrochloric acid is a toxic chemical.

2. Religious fundamentalism is toxic to the human race.

3. Dude, that's a sick fuckin' shirt - it's so sick it's toxic!
by Leroy Brown 420 February 04, 2009
urban dictionary.
"Urban dictionary is so toxic."
by covcn October 19, 2014
The music video by Britney Spears that gave every twelve year old their first boner.
Person 1: yo did you see toxic yet?
Person 2: yeah man Britney is so hot
by xboxsuckspsftw April 25, 2015
A popular song by Britney Spears which is used as a par line to her other songs.
The new song Britney recorded is like Toxic x10!

Britney's new song is no Toxic.
by Mik3isda8om8 October 06, 2008
The point where a woman, who loves sex, has been deprived of it for to long and starts thinking with her pussy instead of her head. This tends to lead to making poor decisions in the type of men she has sex with.
I haven't had sex in a week, I'm so toxic I want to fuck the next guy I see.
by lovestruck1 July 07, 2013

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