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One of the most beautiful women in the world. Caring, loving, compassionate, gorgeous, funny, and all around amazing. This girl can make the worst day in your life feel like a trip to Disney Land. Her hair tends to glow in the reflection of the sun and her eyes sparkle like the moon. If you ever find a Reina, hold on to her and never let go. It is said that all who do, regret it for the rest of their lives...
"Who's the new girl? She looks stunning!"

"Oh that's Reina, she is beautiful..."

"I'm gonna go talk to her!"

"Don't! You don't deserve her time!"

"You're right, after all she is a Reina..."
by H0$T3$$ April 28, 2009
A Martini Goddess; one who drinks martinis and is a Godess
John: WOW!! Did you see that Reina?!!?!?!
Bob: The one in the pink, oh yeah she is definitely a Reina!
by InNEEDofBooze September 14, 2009
a chicken.
person 1: did you see that chicken!?
dude 2: no, stupid, that's a Reina.
by teenseverywhere January 13, 2013

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