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Towson is not the "lax center" of maryland and even if it is those kids are total douchebags. YOU'RE NOT COOL LOOKING. These kids will never grow up and the rest of us have to see them everyday. Plaid shorts, polos, and whatever stupid ass shoes they choose are all gay as shit. Skating has always been important here and Towson's considered a northern part of Baltimore to most people. Crabs are good. Fuck lacrosse and the shitty music they all listen to
Lax douche 1: Hey wanna go shopping in towson for polos and plaid shirts and pose in the mirror???
Lax douche 2: YES! right after i treat girls like shit and beat off to a picture of myself
Lax douche 1: awesome i'm going to have an easy fuckin life thanks to my rich dad and gold digger mom and only be good at sport stats or some ESPN job.

Lax douche 3: Lil' Wayne dawg!
Black kid: Go fuck yourself
by fuckyouandyoursport June 01, 2011

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