A townie is merely a 'normal' person. Someone is not quite a (chav), (goth), (grunger) or (emo). This does not always mean they are decent, it could just be that they aspire to be a chav but have not quite made it yet. It is quite a vague title that shows little about the induvidual, except that they have not made a real effort to belong to an induvidual 'group.'
by Catherine D August 28, 2005
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Young people aged 9-21 seen hanging round the local chippy because they think that they're 'hard'. Often seen wearing tacky 'gold' 'jewellery', fake 'Adidas' trousers tucked into their white socks, a fake Burberry cap pointed at such a ridiculous angle that when it comes to blocking the sun, there is actually no point in wearing it except to look like a total prat. Most townies swagger round in a stupidly exaggerated way, swaying from side to side and bobbing up and down more than is absolutely necessary, saying ‘Yeah, Ah’m cool, Ah’m cool, bling bling yeah innit’, etc, etc.
Their shoes are 'polished' until they're so blindingly bright, they look as if they're new and freshly stolen from 'JJL'.

Rules Of Life For Normal People

1. If you see a chav, kick him very hard in his non-existent balls.

2. If you want to find a townie, go to the nearest crappy sports shop.

3. All townies and chavs are right bastards.

4. Expressions that townies and chavs think are ‘cool’ are: Sound, safe, bling, bang out, innit mon, batty boy, rough, ratty, and any other phrases that don’t actually mean anything.

5. If you do hear something like ‘Bang out, innit mon, like’, go to the source of the sound, and kill wichever townie happens to be there, as all of these people are useless bastards with no actual purpose in life.

7. Most chav and townies if they see a fight or someone really insults another person, they will make a pointless sound that goes like ‘Oh oh ohh’.

8. If a chav or townie that is feeling particularly pointless or gay, they will come up to you, puff their pathetic little chest at you, and go ‘Yeah, yeah, come on then’, and they will then probably make up a false accusation such as: ‘Wot you say ‘bout ma mum?, or: ‘Did you call me a paedo?’. If this happens, hit them.

9. Chavs and townies also have this thing with whacking their first finger down onto the middle finger. They think this is really cool, but in actual fact, it is incredibly gay.

10. Chavs and Townies can also be distinguished by the way they walk. They walk in a ridiculously exaggerated way, and swaying from side to side and bobbing up and down more than is absolutely necessary, saying ‘Yeah, Ah’m cool, Ah’m cool’, etc, etc.

11. Chavs and Townies also think it is incredibly cool to boast about beating someone up to their so-called ‘mates’.

12. Chavs and Townies also have this peculiar habit of clapping when someone is insulted or ‘rinsed’.

13. They say ‘like’ every other word.

14. They think drugs, smoking and drinking are cool at an early age.

15. The word (well, not actually a word), ‘innit’ is used as a full stop. E.g. ‘Ah ‘ad yo ma last night, yeah, innit’!
Townie 1: Innit mon, yeah like, got some fuckin' 'eavy shit 'ere

Townie 2: Innit

Townie 1: Yeah like

Townie 2: Bling
by townie hater March 23, 2005
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a townie or so called "chav" is a immature male/female who hates nething that involves change he is one who doesnt like nething that is not "nike" "addida" and he/she looks down on neone who has an IQ greater than a rotten corpse a townie in its natural habitat will grunt and yell until something has gone his way this never normally works so he goes out and will try and release himself by mating with a female or well nething with a pulse once this act of terror is done he feels enlightened and things of himself as the reel ALFA male and will cause useless fights
the female on other hand will be bitchy will pick on ne one that she does not like and will try and mate with who she thinks is the ALFA male once she has done this she seems entitled to say ne phrases and gains alot more respect from the others

things to folow if u want to become a townie/chav

dont have an IQ
dont do nething neone else wouldnt do
dont wear clothes that look good
dont have emotions
i little poor innocent boy plonked in the middle of town baseball cap put on head squared off to 90 degrees then tracksuit bottoms (addidas)(nike)(etc) tucked into socks (reebok)(addidas)(etc)
dodgy trainers with some silly pattern on side put onto his feet and strip him of dignity and he is done
by Me January 04, 2004
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A person that thinks unprovoked attacks on "goffs and dirty gwebs" makes them cool. Someone that thinks schreaching loudly while trying to bring the front wheel of his (stolen) bike down on a dogs back, causing the dog to run, terrified, onto a road infront of a car, just because the dog is owned by a "dirty bag of greb s**t" is funny. Someone who pretends they're "well ard" by laughing nervously while running away when an angry "goff" girl tells them they'll be getting the vet bill. Someone who thinks beating up girls makes them "well 'ard". Someone who thinks everyone else needs and wants fashion tips. Someone who mistakenly thinks that they are and should be respected by all. In short: A d**kh**d.
What a stupid thing to do! Well it was a townie...
by Trip April 21, 2004
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can be used to mean a complete and utter prick
by toWn-e April 28, 2003
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The name of a really great urban commuter bike made by Electra. I don't know if the seats come in burberry but there are lots of ways to accessorize.
I ride to work on a townie, and thus save gas and cut down on pollution.
by tsorrell June 17, 2005
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Townie:1, typically wears Adidas tracksuit bottoms, and a Donnay top thats is either too big or too small, maby to share with all his/her half brothers or sisters.
2, Their typical insults are based on other peoples mothers like: 'and ya mum' or 'i had ya mum last nigh' another insult is 'wot ya gay' this insult is normaly aplied when you try to talk to them in a rational way. When you ask them a question which seems too challenging they resort to 'ya homosexual lil' gay'.
Standing out side McDonalds and you walk past, they will say something like 'ya mum'
by the jew scout January 24, 2004
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