Top Definition
Short, cute but friendly.
Always ready to give a huge smile.
Blond moments, but intelligent.
Makes others feel good or content about themselves.
That is a Lorie Move right there,
made me feel good when Colin gave me flowers.
by PixiieL July 14, 2009
An honest, caring, beautiful friend for life.
When my Dad died, I was greatful my BFF was a Lorie.
by Heather212 February 03, 2010
-One whos seen in a large group of guys dating each one,right after the other
-Reffered to as a "homie hopper"
-Most people would say DTF (Down To F**k)
-Not very intelligent or insightful
-Has alot of "blonde moments"
-Gets really drunk and makes a fool outta herself
-"Is Lorie dating Justin?"
-But yesterday she was dating his bestfriend Chris wasn't she?"
*"Yup,they call her a HOMIEHOPPER"
by Jacklynn45632 May 31, 2009

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