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Illegal and now turned professional form of racing in Japan involving two cars chasing each other single file through a twisty course, traditionally mountain roads. If the chase car catches up by the end it wins, if the lead car pulls away it wins. Popularized in the US by the recent "JDM craze" and jdm option videos
I lost the uphill of the touge because of my car's lack of power but won the downhill because of my car's quick, agile handling
by Koji February 10, 2005
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Romanized Japanese word for winding mountain road.
Last night I ran the touge.
by gogg January 21, 2005
A touge is a mountain pass or winding road, usually found in Japan on which racers drift their cars. Pronounced "Tow-Gay"
man i did such a nice dorifto on that Touge!
by dori kin July 21, 2006
a touge of the g-string from the girlfriend when she has her pussy flaps on yuour lip whilst pissing in youre mouth.
Sarah gave me the best touge the other day
by Sean mcfadden November 07, 2005
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